Hello, I am Eric Schwab, owner of Muddy Mabel’s Mobile Pet Salon.  I was born and raised in Tucson, and live near Oro Valley with my beautiful wife and family of pets. Four slightly obese cats, a very earnest Doberman-Shepherd rescue, a snaggle toothed Chihuahua, and an immense Great Dane who thinks he is a lap dog.  

Pet ownership has a lot of benefits for both the pet and the owner, AND it comes with a lot of responsibility.  I am passionate about helping other dog owners take the best possible care of their canine companions.

Dogs and humans have shared a special bond for at least 14,000 years—longer than any other human-animal relationship.  They give us companionship, loyalty, and joy, and we care for them in return.  The quality of your dog’s life is almost entirely dependent upon you.

Cleaning and grooming are key to keeping a dog healthy and happy.  But bathing and brushing often becomes a stressful ordeal for both owner and pet.  Whether trying to wrestle a reluctant Doberman into a tub, or leaving your nervous Australian Shepherd in a holding cage in a noisy salon, it becomes a dreaded chore.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with my favorite ‘people’ one on one in the clean, calm, and safe environment of a mobile salon.  

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to caring for your dog. The AKC recognizes 195 breeds, but that doesn’t include cross breeds and newer hybrids. Breeds have traits that affect their behavior, coats, and predispose them to certain medical conditions.  Individual dogs have their own personalities on top of those breed traits.  I look forward to working with my clients to discover the best approach for their unique situation.


My mission is very simple. I want to make pet grooming as easy and stress free as possible for everyone. I am currently building a clientele that falls into the categories below.

  • Mabel’s Key on File Service– This service allows pet parents to be at work, or out and about, while I am grooming their pet. I believe this gives the gift of time, which we all need!
  • Maintenance Grooming Schedule– This is a service where all my clients select a 2, 4, 6, or 8 week rotation schedule that is pre booked 2+  months in advance. I believe that the maintenance grooming schedule will help develop and create a positive relationship between you, me, and your best friend as well as keeping your pet happy, clean and mud free!
Grooming Unit Picture
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